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Big World Boxes is family owned and operated out of Seattle, Washington.

It was founded by two sisters, Bethany and Acacia, in 2020 to help busy parents nurture curious and creative kids through carefully curated hands on projects, delivered in a box.

Acacia taught school for six years before going into tech as a Software Engineer in 2018. She left tech to start Big World Boxes because she loved working with children and serving families. She builds, curates, and creates to deliver joyful learning experiences that equip and empower children for life.

As Acacia helps develop and curate the box experiences, Bethany manages business operations and fulfillment. She has started small businesses from scratch previous this one and brings all kinds of wisdom and experience to help us serve you better. Bethany's daughter Maisie and her friends in the community help test the box components. 

You can read more about their journey here. Our product is born out of our personal story. Hundreds of decisions go into each product and box, each decision is based on the lessons learned and shared in this story.

The Team: We say together is better. We collaborate with all kinds of creatives (designers, artists, educators, etc.) to bring together a box. Our aim is to keep the experiences varied, enriching, rigorous, developmentally appropriate, meaningful, and fresh. For this reason, any given box may have ten to twenty unique contributors.

We live to give. In addition to being dedicated to delivering a great product to you, we also have families in mind that can't afford our products. In order to stay accessible to every family, we have made a ten for one promise.

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