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So nice to pull out one activity at a time!

It's been a month, and we are still going! It's been so helpful to have an answer to "What can I do right now?" that doesn't involve screens, or a ton of oversight from the adults. My 6yo has been enjoying 1 activity per weekend, which is just enough to engage without excess materials or pressure to create something complicated. Every bag is so thoughtful, and calming. I also love that we aren't left with a nuclear fallout after an activity is completed (other kits end up cluttering every surface of our house, adding stress). We've really enjoyed each activity so far.

So much stuff! So much fun!

My 5 and 8 year olds LOVE 💘 the bird 🐦 box! Lots of projects equals many days of fun and then even had extra materials for other home art projects.

My kids blew threw this box

I am probably a unique case. I have two very crafty girls. The box went fast! They could not get into the box fast enough. Once it was open, they negotiated who got which project. Helped each other. It was awesome! Our youngest shared her bird mask with her class for a few weeks, to which I got some mom praise and I was like "Ummm no, Big World Boxes", I take zero credit. The box is beautiful!! We went through the box super fast! The packaging and materials were top notch. Loved how each assignment was packaged. Maybe add a friendly remind to put a table cloth down or placemat or even add one in the kit.

robust, organized, and elegant

I saw what I was getting ahead of time and knew it would be quality, but handling the items really stunned me. Unpacking the box I was amazed by how robust, organized and elegant it was. It is by far the meatiest box I have ever subscribed to. My daughter and I read the book and did the first activity with the emotions wheel. Discussing the emotions was really special, I've never felt that close to her while "crafting".

We've done probably hundreds of STEAM activities at this point from boxes we subscribe to, we get quite a few, but this one has already bled over into our daily life in a useful and significant way. It almost seemed like too much, but then I remembered the price and reminded myself that it's supposed to be a lot. The projects feel substantial in quality even if not in time. It feels like a feast, and that's why I get boxes in the first place.

I'm a kinesthetic learner (and so are my kids) so I can't look at a worksheet and believe it's going to be a rich experience for my child, even if they aren't a kinesthetic learner in a technical sense. Every kid needs to squish things needs to touch, taste and see the world from as many angles as possible.

Worth it!

Things we loved: The quality of the crafts and the books. The awesome thought to the educational concepts of each project. It gave me some talking points while working on it or if she did it alone we could swing back around and dive in to the flying patterns or different reasons of beak shapes etc. Loved this! Also loved each project being individually packaged. The box stayed tidy which made it more fun when we revisited the box each time. Treasure hunt was awesome to be able to make the reference book more appealing to the younger ages. Food for thought: I typically don’t even look at something in this price range but because there are so many activities and the hard back books, this is totally worth it for the box for an every two month delivery. I actually think getting a box of this size monthly for my house would maybe be too much during school months. Summer time I could see using it all more quickly.

We are LOVING this box

We have been working our way through the Bird Box as a family and our 3 year old is loving it! She requests to do an activity every day (sometimes more). I love how well thought out every activity is. I know I can just grab a bag and go because absolutely everything you need is included! We also love all the educational references included with QR codes you can scan with your phone and look at with your kid to get them more interested. would highly recommend to any parent!! Definitely keeping these in mind for gifts as well.

100% impressed!

Loved how complete all the projects were, the information on development and variety of crafts. Great activities, loved by all! Would love to be able to order boxes as needed, instead of a scheduled subscription. Great gifts!

Thank you for this feedback! We have created The Bird Box Collection, available to view and shop on our website, to provide this option to you and future customers. Every box we create from here out will be available for one time purchase. Thanks again! -- Acacia

There is a lot in this box!

Amelia loved that her name was stenciled on the box, simple add that really personalized it. It is packaged so beautifully! I love how each activity is in its own bag, it helps keep everything organized. The grown up guides are very informative and structure well, not overwhelming. The image based books are awesome, Amelia really felt like she was reading the instructions and was excited to "teach" me what the next steps were. There are soooo many activities! This is not a bad thing at all we were pleasantly surprised when we saw so many little packages. One of my biggest complaints of other boxes is many are one and done with not many options to take the topic further. We will be able to make this box last several weeks which is a huge value. You ladies did an awesome job with all the little details, this box presents beautifully! The books are high quality and all the other materials are well produced. Again love love the image-based instruction books! Also the variety of activities is great. The first 4 have been fun and Amelia is excited for the others. She LOVES Ruby! We have read the book several times and she has been using the emotion wheel on her own randomly throughout her day. Yesterday we were out of her favorite yogurt, she was upset and then ran to to the refrigerator grabbed her wheel and promptly moved Ruby to "Frustrated", it was pretty cute! We are looking forward to working through the rest of the box!

As a teacher - just wow!

After teaching kindergarten for the past four years, I'm currently helping homeschool a little 4 y/o cutie named Milo. I got him a Hello Bird Box to help get his hands in fun materials and facilitate his creativity and design skills. The Bird Box was a huge hit from the beginning! He was really excited to open the “special box with his name on it” - the personal touch of stencilling his name was so sweet and appreciated by both me and his parents. So far, we have worked through 4 of the 11 crafts over the course of almost 9 hours (the Treasure Hunt was such a big hit that he now requests to do it every time we have school). Every activity presents a new challenge for him: learning to remove stickers from the inside of a sticker sheet for the Name Book, scanning for patterns in the Treasure Hunt activity, using real scissors (!) for the first time while working on his Bird Mask, opening/closing glue while making the clothespin bird. It's been so fun to watch him interact with the instructions because they give him a sense of ownership and independence while completing tasks, and helped overcome insecurities like not being able to read. After we went through one instruction booklet together, he now loves to “read” them to me and explain all the steps we will take to complete a task.
As an educator, I have such respect for the creators of this box. The activities, instructions, materials, and boxing is so clearly thought through and well executed. There are so many potential pitfalls when curating material for young learners, and Bethany and Acacia have created and incredible educational resource. The activities engage all learning styles, they are accessible (and scaleable) for a variety of ages and abilities, and there are so many important motor, literacy and life skills integrated throughout delightfully playful activities.
After seeing his reaction and engagement with this box, his parents requested that I sign him up for a subscription. I can't wait to delve into another Explorer Box with him!